Meetings Become More Focused, Effective And Efficient.
Notulite transcribes speech automatically and real-time

System for transcripting speech in Indonesian

Notulite is a system for converting speech in Bahasa into text automatically, directly and able to recognize the speaker's voice characteristics.

The technological pas of Bahasa Kita makes this system more accurate, concised, mobile and inexpensive.

Notulite make meetings more organized, focused, effective and efficient. The productivity will increased supported by digital meeting notes consummately and accurately.

Speaker Diarization

Speaker Diarization feature is for automatically recognize the speaker's voice characteristics and user able to know both who speak in the meetings/discussion and the content

Multi Audio Devices

This feature gives you flexibility to operate Notulite. Either use microphone directly or recorded sound by uploading it as the voice input

Edit While Transcription

Users are easily in editing transcripts while the transcription processed and enhanced your performance.

Text Formating

This feature help to adjust the writing with the standarized Bahasa and understand easily.