What is Notula®?

Notula® is a high-accuracy speech recognition solution for Bahasa Indonesia,
capable of flexible and wide application use case.


100% Local

Resources including developers and voice assets are all originally coming from Indonesian people to guarantee the authenticity of this Indonesian speech technology.

The first and only

Notula® is the first and only emerging Indonesian speech technology which is crafted with love and passion so that the product development sustainability is always maintained.

Rich and High Accuracy

We employ huge amount of voice database and exhaustive Indonesian dictionary along with up-to-date vocabularies in order to achieve top-notch quality of speech technology.

Use case

Meeting Auto-Transcriber

By implementing speech recognition engine at board meeting, all the conversation during the meeting can be noted automatically and completely without labouring human notulant who may miss important lines.

Human Voice Command Smart Home and Hotel

Future has come today, now houses and hotels should be commanded to do house work just by voices. Let's create our home smarter with sophisticated voice command engine.

Electronic Medical Record

We devote our works to help doctor arrange medical record automatically results while focusing on examining patient and prescribing the medication.

Broadcasting Ad Monitoring System

Thousands of ads are broadcasted on television and radio which are hard to be monitored by ads owner. We provide such service to make sure your ads are aired in time.