Who are we?

PT. BAHASA KINERJA UTAMA (PT. Bahasa Kita) are emerging company focused on information and communication technology application development, especially for speech processing, natural language processing, automatic speech recognition, translator machine, speech synthesizer, voice biometric, and so on.

Our product development goes with spirits of idealism and nasionalism in order to awake national identity in technology mastering. Mastering technology may bring in independencies of national technology demand fulfillment and raise national tenacity to foreign similar product.

Bahasa Kita which is strengthen by professionals and top-university graduate, had been recognized as awardee of Satyalencana Pembangunan (Indonesian President, 2010), Indonesian ICT Award (Ministry of Communication and Information, 2010), Riset dan Teknologi Award (Ministry of Research and Technology, 2010), Tokoh Kreator Digital (PT. Telkom, 2010), Inventor Visioner (Ministry of Law and Human Rights, 2012), Anugerah Kekayaan Intelektual Luar Biasa (Minsitry of Education, 2012), 18 Karya Unggulan Teknologi Anak Bangsa, SUmber Inspirasi Indonesia (Ministry of Research and Technology, 2013), 45 Kiprah Inovatif Anak Negeri, Dari Biasa Menjadi Luar Biasa 2015 (Media Indonesia, 2015), Nominee of Liputan 6 Award (SCTV, 2016), and other awards.

Products which have been developed by our team are :

  • Notula® Rapat : automatic transcription system for meeting.
  • Notula® Telephony : automatic transcription system for telephone.
  • Notula® Genggam : automatic transcription system designated for press reporter to acomplish new covering duty.
  • Notula® Keyboard : android application replacing the function of keyboard.
  • Notula® Biometrics : proof of life information system for retired senior citizen, banking, and customer service.
  • Notula® Medis : electronic medical record operatod by doctor voices.
  • Notula® Search : keyword searching based on voices for particular spoken word.
  • Notula® Command : machine-human interface used for electronic devices operation, embedded system, toys, smart home, smart car, smartphone, and others.
  • Notula® Game : joyful education game based on voice recognition.

Generally, Bahasa Kita are able to develop technology application for following function :

  • Voice to text transcription
  • Speech synthesizer
  • Translation machine
  • Speech to speech translation